Start9 Labs releases an x86 version of EmbassyOS

Start9 released EmbassyOS for x86 machines this week so I set up an Embassy for the first time last night.

EmbassyOS is another one of the Bitcoin node options available for those who prefer a pre-built node stack. This is the easiest one to set up on an x86 computer as you do not even need to install Linux to do it. The EmbassyOS .iso comes with Linux already built on it, which makes it an actual operating system that you are installing.

Start9 is recommending a computer with bare minimum requirements of a 2Ghz CPU, 4 gb of RAM and 1TB of memory. I set this up on a Dell 7040 pc with 16 gb of RAM and a 1TB ssd, and again setup was super easy. I flashed with balenaEtcher and played with the BIOS to adjust the UEFI settings and that was it.

The folks at Start9 bill EmbassyOS as more than just a bitcoin node, there are also apps available that work to help you take control of your data.


  • Easiest setup of any Node stack on an x86 computer. Most node stacks have an easy setup on a Raspberry Pi, but not so much for x86 computers.
  • Easy to use backup options which means you can safeguard your lightning funds.
  • Friendly UI.
  • Easy installation of different popular apps built on top of Bitcoin core.


  • No coinjoin apps (Dojo, Joinmarket)
  • As with other Node stacks, there is a degree of trust that comes with using third party software to install and maintain Bitcoin core. As long you you are aware of that and take care before updating, you should be fine.

Overall this has to be the easiest way to get a node stack running on an x86 computer, coupled with the excellent back up tools, this might be the easiest way to run a secure lightning node. And because you can do this easily on a beefy computer you can run plenty of channels.